The Last Supper by Famous Artists

The Last Supper by Famous Artists Leonardo da Vinci was looking for a model to pose as Christ for his painting, THE LAST SUPPER. At last, he found an innocent, angelic-looking, uncorrupted and beautiful young man, in a church in Milan, and hired him to pose as Jesus. Two years passed. Leonardo then needed aContinue reading “The Last Supper by Famous Artists”

Our Favorites from the India Art Fair 2015

JULIEN SEGARD In search of a landscape where small and large, close-up and wide angle, extensive and intensive, all come together to form a dynamic relationship, Julien Segard spent 6 months under the Yamuna Bridge where he felt a stark contrast between nature and industry. He used to go every day to draw several fragmentsContinue reading “Our Favorites from the India Art Fair 2015”