Female Muses: The Inspiring Women Behind Great Artistic Men

By Alice E. Vincent Women may have been excluded from art history for a good few centuries, but a closer look at what inspired great male artists shows they were still very much involved. The concept of the muse goes all the way back to ancient Greek mythology, where Zeus’s godly daughters presided artfully overContinue reading “Female Muses: The Inspiring Women Behind Great Artistic Men”

Pablo Picasso’s love affair with women

Mark Hudson looks at how the artist saw the women in his life – as either goddesses or doormats.   Weeping Woman (Dora), (60 х 49 cm, 23 ⅝ х 19 ¼ inches) is an oil on canvas painted by Pablo Picasso in France in 1937. Picasso was intrigued with the subject, and revisited theContinue reading “Pablo Picasso’s love affair with women”