Hyperphotos: Architectural Hybrids Remix Built Environments

By combining hundreds or thousands of individual photographs, French photographer Jean-François Rauzier creates seemingly endless fantasy worlds that are 10,000 times the resolution of a normal photograph. An inspiration for what he calls a “hyperphoto” came from Rauzier’s pity that movie-makers could have people’s attention for hours, while pictures would take only few moments toContinue reading “Hyperphotos: Architectural Hybrids Remix Built Environments”

The Oldest Living Things in the World

The Oldest Living Things in the World: A Decade-Long Photographic Masterpiece at the Intersection of Art, Science and Philosophy by Maria Popova What a 13,000-year-old eucalyptus tree reveals about the meaning of human life.   “Our overblown intellectual faculties seem to be telling us both that we are eternal and that we are not,” philosopherContinue reading “The Oldest Living Things in the World”

Women Are Heroes

WOMEN ARE HEROES: A Global Portrait of Strength in Hardship by French Guerrilla Artist-Activist JR by Maria Popova Poignant and powerful portraits of physical and emotional survival amidst atrocity. In 2012, French guerrilla street artist JR won the $100,000 TED Prize for his Inside Out project — a global participatory project seeking to inspire civic engagementContinue reading “Women Are Heroes”