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Nathdwara Painting refers to a painting tradition and school of artists that emerged in Nathdwara, a town in Rajsamand district in the Western state of Rajasthan in India. Nathdwara paintings are of different sub-styles of which Pichhwai paintings are the most popular. The word Pichwai derives from the Sanskrit words ‘pich’ meaning back and ‘wais’Continue reading “From the Collection”


Director: Shantanu Suman, Istling Mirche India | 31mins | 2013 | World Premiere Synopsis: Horn Please is a documentary that encapsulates various aspects of an age-old folk art form of India, the Truck Art, an art form that makes journeys through the dusty highways of India, incredible in more ways than one. With a kaleidoscopeContinue reading “HORN PLEASE”