Obituary – Nek Chand

Obituary – Nek Chand

An Indian artist who created the Rock Garden of Chandigarh, a visionary landscape of sculpture and architecture.

Few people knew about Nek Chand’s garden, which he created secretly in his spare time, until it was discovered by the Chandigarh city authorities
Few people knew about Nek Chand’s garden, which he created secretly in his spare time, until it was discovered by the Chandigarh city authorities

Nek Chand, who has died aged 90, was the creator of the extraordinary Rock Garden of Chandigarh, a 25-acre environment in northern India that contains more than 2,000 statues. A combination of sculpture, architecture and visionary landscape, the garden takes the form of a series of chambers and courtyards, with winding walkways suddenly opening out to large vistas and high waterfalls.

Having embarked on a mission to turn waste into beauty, Chand used broken crockery, iron foundry clinker, electric plug moulds, fluorescent tubes, bicycle frames, bottles, glass bangles, shells, cooking pots and smashed up bathroom fittings to create his wonderland. Continue reading “Obituary – Nek Chand”



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34 Splendid Photos Of Salvador Dali Being Salvador Dali

34 Splendid Photos Of Salvador Dali Being Salvador Dali

Like ballerinas, Salvador Dali was simultaneously an artist and a work of art. When not piecing together some of the most out-there, psychedelic portraits known to man, Dali did the same with his public persona. His classic, occasionally nonsensical one liners like “I don’t do drugs; I am drugs” have gone down in history, along with photos of him walking an anteater and, naturally, shaping his inimitable mustache into a dollar bill.

As with other surrealists, Salvador Dali embraced the irrational and bizarre as his truths, digging deep into our unconscious selves only to splash his findings onto the canvas. Such a movement was not unforeseen: in the eyes of surrealists, it was cold, rational calculation that led to conflict, war and alienation seen in the 20th century. If we were to survive as a people, we needed to reject this artificial and harmful way of thinking about the world; we had to look inward as opposed to outward. In other words, you guessed it, we needed to ditch realism for surrealism. And as the following photos show, Dali did that in all facets of his life:

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In a technical sense, Dali and his contemporaries were unsuccessful in altering the world’s consciousness, but their work–as complex as it is absurd–is an invaluable artistic challenge to the chilly realism that largely defined the 20th century.

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A Giant Oscar Statue Snorting Cocaine Has Appeared On Hollywood Boulevard

An installation by the street artist Plastic Jesus appeared on Hollywood Boulevard on Feb. 19, just in time for the Academy Awards.


Looking divinely official and perverted at the same time, this was a street art installation by, Plastic Jesus, a venerable Los Angeles street artist who pulled off a similar stunt last year at the same Hollywood gateway.

The piece was up for only a couple of hours before an official from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce ordered the installation removed at 11:40 a.m. The security team for Plastic Jesus was quick to disassemble the piece and cart it off before any conflict. (Last year, an individual claiming to be from the Academy got out of their car and tried to take down the heroin-injecting Oscar statue.) Continue reading “A Giant Oscar Statue Snorting Cocaine Has Appeared On Hollywood Boulevard”

Female Muses: The Inspiring Women Behind Great Artistic Men

By Alice E. Vincent

Women may have been excluded from art history for a good few centuries, but a closer look at what inspired great male artists shows they were still very much involved.

The concept of the muse goes all the way back to ancient Greek mythology, where Zeus’s godly daughters presided artfully over different aspects of culture, inspiring its practitioners. Over the last few centuries the term has come to define those people who fuel creative imagination, often being portrayed in art, film, poetry and music.

It’s a pretty long list, so we’ve narrowed it down to our favourite female muses from the art world – and the women they were beyond the canvas or camera lens.

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