5 Artists Who Love Painting Female Nudes

5 ARTISTS WHO LOVE PAINTING FEMALE NUDES by CHRISTOPHER SMAIL   Nude art has been represented in paintings and statues since prehistory. From a liberal view in the Classical period to a conservative outlook in the Middle Ages, as well as more ups and downs in the Renaissance and Victorian eras. We now exist inContinue reading “5 Artists Who Love Painting Female Nudes”

STRī Avalekha – A Collection of Works From The Archive

Swaraj Art Archive presents an exhibition of over 300 works, exploring the female form, spanning from the pre-independence to the post-independence era. Divided into five sub-concepts, the exhibition is spread across time, mediums, scales and histories presenting the woman as a lover, a mother with her child, a person of imminence, a deity, and theContinue reading “STRī Avalekha – A Collection of Works From The Archive”

The Portrayal of Women in Art: 1962-2002

April 6, 2010 by curatorialintern   We have, more or less, as an audience become used to the idealized depiction of women. Often, particularly in classical styles, they were portrayed as reclining nudes who were there for the viewer’s pleasure. With averted eyes, they touched themselves sensually, typically innocent and oblivious that there is someoneContinue reading “The Portrayal of Women in Art: 1962-2002”