STRī Avalekha – A Collection of Works from The Archive

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Swaraj Art Archive presents an exhibition of over 300 works, exploring the female form, spanning from the pre-independence to the post-independence era. Divided into five sub-concepts, the exhibition is spread across time, mediums, scales and histories presenting the woman as a lover, a mother with her child, a person of imminence, a deity, and the nude.
It includes works by about 100 artists from Bengal craftsmen to Contemporary artists like Arpana Caur and Sabavala, whose names will not be disclosed on the walls, allowing the observer to walk through the show unaccompanied by the predisposition associated with the identity of an artist.
Representing the woman as an expression of an emotion – harmony; love; pride; devotion; and acquiescence – the show provides a visual comparative of the iconography associated with each of the above emotions showcasing the depth of Indian art from the 1850’s to now.


23rd Jan, 2015 – 1st April, 2015


Followed by a series of talks and discussions based on the same concept.
1st Mar, 2015 – 8th Mar, 2015



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