Bhupen Khakhar – From The Archive

His first exhibited works presented deities cut from popular prints, glued on to mirrors, supplemented by graffiti and gestural marks. He achieved international recognition in 1967 and was proclaimed as India’s first Pop artist. Over the next few years he plundered other Indian genres – miniatures, Company paintings, temple maps.

Khakhar’s sexual explicitness has gone hand in hand with a deepening sense of the religious, and a convincing monumentality, often achieved through powerfully flattened colour. Khakhar’s unwavering commitment to subject-matter in preference to stylistic concerns or avant-garde strategies has been important to younger artists. Most of Khakkhar’s works are figurative in nature that primarily focused on the human body and its identity. A homosexual himself, he mainly focused on the homosexual themes in his paintings. Many of his works also showed references to several mythological themes on the basis of his learning’s of the Indian Mythology over the years.


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