From the Collection

Soldier of Babylon | Vivan Sundaram | Mixed Media on Paper | 1991
Swaraj Collection
Quoting from Vivan Sundaram: Engine Oil and Charcoal: Works on Paper 1991,
‘Who is the victim sacrificed? “The soldier of Babylon,” blown to bits, identified only by a uniformed, booted leg, or “The Akkadian King,” symbol of a vast empire, of a civilization and its glorious past. Or is it “The Land of the Euphrates,” fertile and beautiful, rocky and arid. Or humanity itself, this population of living beings with its layered history of deeds, memories, meanings. An ambivalence here, as in the very notions of life and death, negation and affirmation, love and war, self and other, it is this very dynamic that informs Vivan’s work: that of the desire (always unfulfilled, deferred) to invaginate these opposites, like a negative and positive pulsion.’
Now on display as a part of ‘Step inside and you are no longer a stranger: Vivan Sundaram: A Retrospective: 50 years’ at the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art.


Text source: Asia Art Archive

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